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To ensure clean potable water from your water storage tank, it is necessary to clean it regularly. If you feel that the water tank at your home is soiled and needs to be thoroughly cleaned, contact V.I. Tank Services Ltd. We offer water tank cleaning services in the Greater Victoria, the Gulf Islands, and the Cowichan Valley.

Trying to clean your water tank by yourself can be dangerous, as you might not be aware of the necessary safety precautions to be taken. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult a professional. Our team is fully trained and has the experience to efficiently remove algae and sediments from the water tank. We sanitize tanks according to Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) standards.

“That’s not just sediment, it’s worms too!”

Cleaning Procedure

We follow the following procedures while cleaning the tank:

First, we schedule the clean to ensure that you are able to use as much of your water as possible. This makes the most of your precious resource.
On site we will suck out the remaining water and vacuum the bottom of 100% of the sludge and debris.
We will scrub the sides of the tank, which usually removes up to 90% of the organic material. This does depend upon how long it’s been since it’s been cleaned and the colour of your tank.
Next, the tank is bleached and allowed to soak.
It is then flushed and rinsed several times.
The bleached water leaving the tank is de-chlorinated to help protect your property and the environment.
If it’s required, we can coordinate with South Island Water to minimize downtime.

We always bring our own cleaning water, a power source, and all of the tools required.

Temporary Water Tank Rentals

We have potable water tanks for rent. Special events, fire protection, construction sites, or work on your water system, we can provide a tank to fit your needs. Call or text us for more information and pricing.

Call us to schedule your water tank cleaning!

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