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Water tanks are great for storing water. However, like all aspects of your water system, they require inspection and preventative maintenance. Don’t wait until an issue arises: check your tanks regularly.

We recommend cleaning your tanks about every 5 years depending upon your water source, location, and the colour of your tanks. If you can’t remember the last time your tanks were cleaned, you are probably due. Take a look in your tanks and give us a call if you don’t like what you see!

Benefits of Water Tank Cleaning

We often don’t think about the source of our water as long as the tap has water when we turn it on. If you are using well or trucked-in water, you probably think about it more often than most. How often have you looked in your water tank? You might be surprised at what you find. We have found feet of sediment, worms, and dead and decaying rats – not kidding!

We have been cleaning water tanks since 2000 and recommend that you have your water tank cleaned about every 5 years. This is dependent upon your source of water and barring any contamination. We do suggest that you take a peek in your tank every couple months. Remember, this is the water that you are drinking, bathing, and cleaning with.

How Do We Do It?

First, we schedule the cleaning to ensure that you are able to use as much of your water as possible. This makes the most of your precious resource. On site we will suck out the remaining water and vacuum the bottom of 100% of the sludge and debris. We will scrub the sides of the tank which usually removes up to 90% of the organic material. This does depend upon how long it’s been since it’s been cleaned and the colour of your tank. Next, the tank is bleached and allowed to soak. It is then flushed and rinsed several times. The bleached water leaving the tank is dechlorinated to help protect your property and the environment. If it’s required, we can coordinate with South Island Water to minimize downtime.

It can be extremely dangerous to enter enclosed spaces to clean. Please do not attempt this on your own. You or your neighbour’s kids should not consider doing this. We have specialized equipment that allows us to do the cleaning from outside the tank. In the event that we are required to enter a tank, we have all of the necessary and legally required equipment to do so safely. We have training in confined space entry. We are harnessed, use a safety person, and have a gas detector running at all times. There have been several cases in BC of people in enclosed spaces going down and then losing the rescuers who come to help. Please don’t enter the tanks and put yourself and loved ones at risk!

Water Tank Rentals

We have potable water tanks for rent. Special events, fire protection, or work on your water system, we can provide a tank to fit your needs. Call or text us for more information and pricing.


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